NTAA22 FINALIST: Giacomo Piazzi & Matthias Pitscher - The Chiromancer

The Chiromancer is an AI that mastered the art of palm reading to predict the future.

The machine extends the ancient practice of chiromancy by combining biometric data with cloud-based knowledge. Like so many other devices we use today, it collects, stores, and extrapolates user data to generate hopes and wishes with technical prediction systems.

In a world embedded with devices that ‘just work’, we have forgotten to ask ourselves what we are giving away and what we are internalizing at every interaction. The Chiromancer explores how trust, hopes and wishes are projected into computers by automating the ancestral practice of future-telling.

This machine is a palm reading AI that writes predictions about a person’s life, substituting the figure of the clairvoyant with the power of information technology. Like many of the other devices we are using every day, the Chiromancer collects, stores and extrapolates user data in order to provide an answer for the user to interpret.