NTAA22 FINALIST: LarbitsSisters - Crypto Miner Car

Central in the installation is a crypto mining rig with GPU units hacked to recover waste heat and fuel little electric cars, whilst crypto-currency is being mined.

The experimental work explores the shifting nature of the digital economy in the light of the ecological and social crisis. It presents a prototype for wealth redistribution that confronts todays technological and environmental challenges with disruptive thoughts on an alternative vision for the use of energy.

The car, once status symbol of modernity, acts here as a visionary trigger probing possible visions of the future between reality and fiction. The CMC brings a car that moves towards a new and disruptive form of mobility.

Within the critical discourse on climate change, CO2 emissions and global warming, it explores how the computational process and massive computing power involved in the mining process of crypto-currencies can be deployed in the urban and social fabric.