NTAA22 FINALIST: Bull.Miletic - Ferriscope

Ferriscope investigates the boom of observation wheels across “world-class cities” by staging a meeting between some of the most iconic examples and the original Ferris Wheel, created in 1893.

Moreover, working on the principle of a thaumatrope, a pre-cinematic optical device, the video stages a meeting between the Ferris wheel and the color wheel in the DLP video projector and becomes a visual experiment suspended between total overview and control and vertigo and instability.

The continuous circular motion, taking us on a ride between street view and bird’s eye view, can be seen in line with a visual trope that B.M call proxistance. B.M approaches proxistance in a media archaeological manner by bringing the combination of mechanical movement and the view from the Ferris Wheel to the foreground as a force of cinematic revelation and curiosity. Through this investigation, the interest has been to expand on the genealogical relations and ongoing individuation between rides, cinema, and aerial imaging and how this impacts worldviews and urban development.