NTAa '25, the international new technological art exhibition and awards, is back. Get inspired by mind baffling art installations during our 4 months running exhibition themed 'Intelligence is automatic'. Artist? Scroll down.


20 februari – 8 juni 2025



Zebrastraat 32/001

9000 Gent - België


Foundation Liedts-Meesen

Exhibition and award show

+3600 submissions over the years

10th edition

Theme: 'Intelligence is Automatic'

Call for creators
& artists

NTAA, the International Technological Art Expo and Awards show in Zebrastraat Ghent, is looking for artists and creators! Do you turn contemporary and new technologies into art? Take your shot, enter your idea or creation and perhaps your work will be featured during the expo. Even better, maybe you’ll take the precious award home!

NTAa Exhibition

International Exhibition
for New Technological art

Intelligence is automatic

“Intelligence, it’s automatic: from surrealism to AI.” The world is changing at a scorching pace, a source of inspiration for many artists. This year’s NTAA exhibition delves into the unique intersection of intelligence and automation in art, challenging traditional views. It offers a fresh perspective on the evolving relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence, reshaping our understanding of the art history and human-machine interaction.

Thierry Dufrêne, this year's curator, is a renowned art historian and professor, celebrated for his expertise in contemporary, technological and public art. He is known for his insightful analysis on the interaction between art, technology, and society. Dufrêne's work illuminates the evolving narrative of art in the modern world. In short, the perfect curator for this year’s NTAA expo.


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