NTAA22 FINALIST: Şölen Kıratlı & Hannen Wolfe & Alex Bundy - Cacophonic Choir

Cacopohonic Choir is composed of nine embodied vocalizing agents distributed in space which, from a distance, all look alike.

Their vocalizations are sonically distorted, semantically fragmented, and indistinguishable from one another, altogether forming an unintelligible choir.

As the viewer approaches a particular agent, three things happen gradually. The given voice becomes sonically clear, the narration becomes semantically coherent, and the membrane that envelopes the agent gets brighter and more transparent, rendering the unique form inside visible. When in the agent’s immediate personal space, the viewer hears the first-hand account of a sexual assault survivor. Here, spatial distance between the agent and the viewer is used as a metaphor for the ‘distance’ between the original story as told by the survivor and its renditions in social and mass media