Zebrapoint - every Thursday evening

Business hours

Every Thursday from 6 till 1 a.m.
Every Sunday from 2 till 8 p.m.


Under the heading "Zebrapoint" we put our conference rooms freely at the disposal of cultural associations such as deBuren, fund Pascal Decroos, MO * Magazine, Breinwijzer and Itinera. They organise fascinating debates and lectures on art, science, philosophy and architecture that are accessible to all. Occasionally there is also a film, a stand-up comedian or a try-out for a theatrical performance.

For several years, Zebrastraat has also been a permanent site for the wildly popular 'Night of the Freethinker' and the 'I-Brain Festival'. The critical afterthought takes place at the bar with a fresh beer and live music: swing, jazz, gipsy, folk or young pop talent.