About the artwork


Most spaces in our environment are created because we define them, we determine their boundaries, attribute functions, impose dimensions and pour them into a mold. The creation of ?space? is usually limited to making a division.

Both architecture and art consider space as moldable matter. When looking for an idea for this hallway, it was important for her to establish a link between the ways in which architectural and visual art deal with space.

"Space", as a concept, has a total size that remains constant. However, the shape and appearance of space as we observe it are temporarily, and subject to change.

The relief Two Thoughts resembles a trail left by something that has passed through this hallway. The opposite wall (right) is an exact copy of this trail. If the walls would move toward one another, the shapes would slide exactly into one another, and would make the space, located between the positive and the negative, disappear.

The relief visualizes two ideas about our perception of space. In the first place, the inseparable connection between mold and counter-mold which together always define the total space. In the second place, the relief refers to the ability to define a temporary shape for a space. This temporary shape is thus a trail of ?Zeitgeist? and determines the tangible reality in which we live.