About the artwork


Laying the first stone is the symbolic act by which the construction work of a new building officially begins. For th first stone of New Zebra the artist Honoré d 'O was asked to create an artistic intervention. Honoré d 'O opted to integrate this stone not in a fixed but instead in a loose way into the building.

Like a seismographic eye ditto principle, this loose, symbolic first stone offers a glimpse at the universe of Honoré d 'O. The stone is hollow, and lays on a loose surface, that moves when it is touched. The black round 'marble' inside symbolizes not only the pearl in which the universe could be reflected, but also the (third) eye representing the acts of watching and being watched. A red light is flashing continuously, thus suggesting to be a security camera. To this is attached a glass marble, which contrasts with the black pearl and thus emphasizes the link between the visible and the invisible, between revelation and concealment. The polystyrene beads contrast with the tangibility and the weight of the marble. They typify the weightlessness and antimatter, as well as the desire of Honoré d 'O not to consider his artwork as a simple object but to see it as a variable, living 'organism', through which established facts are reversed.

In this work, that Honoré d 'O has designed especially for New Zebra, the (invisibility of) technology in the society we live in today goes hand in hand with the mythology of the wit and its relationship with the cosmos.