Zwart-Grijs (2004) by Jeanne Opgenhaffen

About the artwork

The layering of the crust in a shade of black and gray.

Many porcelain plates placed together in a tight rhythm to form an exciting composition.

Repetition, rhythm and movement are recurring elements in all her works, large as well as small ones.

In Black-Grey a sober coloring has been used with a thin application of glaze, and great attention to color nuances and the way in which light plays with the shape.

About the artist

image Jeanne Opgenhaffen, Lives and works in Kruibeke, Belgium -

Ceramics, Royal Academy of Fine Arts and National Higher Institute, Antwerp, Belgium

"The unimaginable stratigraphy of the material on which we walk and work left an indelible mark on her mind. It resulted in panels that tried to capture the movement of the earth in an aesthetic way. Her material became porcelain, the dream of every ceramist . It is this ultimate material, a soft, porous fine earth, almost noble clay white in color, that may take shape in the hands of a creative mind. " (Johan Valcke 1993)

"Architecturally built by means of surface division and movement, light and dark, around a central bulge where the shadow is as important as the full light." (Frans Boenders 1994)

"Her entire oeuvre shows a surprising poetry that is accompanied by a discreet ingenuity and a refined meticulousness. She suggests compassion based on a reasoned and well-measured order." (Hugo Brutin 1999)

Zebrastraat - Permanent artworks - Zwart-Grijs by Jeanne Opgenhaffen