About the artwork


The sculpture is trying to give a visual response, in a reflective and poetic way, to deep human feelings.

The human figure is half stuck in the wall. Precisely by not showing the other half of the figure, the boundary between the inner and the outer is visualized.

The physical effect of the work is reminiscent of the short story Passe-Muraille of 1943 by the French writer Marcel Ayme. The main character is Dutilleul, an official from Montmartre. At the age of 43, he discovers that he has the ability to walk through walls. Although neither this physical change nor its treatment interest him initially, he eventually uses this ability anyhow to commit crimes and to sneak upon the woman he falls in love with. Eventually Dutilleul loses his ability after accidental ingestion of medication that was prescribed to him a year before, and finds himself stuck in a wall.