About the artwork


Interweave (2012) is a multimedia work of interwoven internet cables with an original length of 70 m, connected to a router with Internet connection. The interwoven internet cables are made in a particular node shape which was very popular with kids in the sixties and which we still know under the name of scoubidou.

Tying the thick cables is an intensive operation that requires concentration and precision. The staging and arrangement of the cables and the knot is not arbitrary, and the whole is purposely illuminated. The artist tries each time anew to recall new stories by the choice of the materials or the setting of his sculpture. The central location of the loop in the nave of the building reinforces the theatrical aspect. In a symbolic way, it reminds the people of Ghent of the event in 1539 when quirky Ghent notables were humiliated by Charles V who obliged them to wear a noose or garrote because they had refused to accept the disproportionate requirements of the sovereign. The noose has become, in Ghent, the symbol of resistance against every form of tyranny and misplaced authority. Every year this event is commemorated by so-called ?garrotés? who proudly wear this nickname as a badge of honor.

Interweave summarizes the idea of connection, connectivity in a cross-border and cross-media context.