About the artwork


The series 'The origin of the beginning' by Levi van Veluw consists of pictures, installations and videos in which he departs from his memories of his childhood which he allows to evolve into his self-portrait by following a thematic and narrative path.

In a room five people are sitting at a table. These individuals are Levi Van Veluw, his father, mother, brother and sister. The space is decorated like a life-size installation (4 x 2.5 x 2.5 m) in which everything, including the family members, are covered with 20,000 dark brown cubes (without any digital manipulation).
At first sight, everyone seems to be sitting quietly at the table, the image of a perfect family portrait. Yet this group of figures is placed in an abstract environment, unrecognizable and therefore far away from reality. Dim light and rather dark tones give this work a claustrophobic, gloomy look showing an atmosphere of loneliness.

The nasty silence and dark atmosphere expose the uncomfortable tensions and emotions. The endless repetition of wooden cubes represent Veluw's attempt to get over his own position within the family structure. This family reunion was organized at the request of Van Veluw after years of separation.