About the artwork


The sculpture Final Rendezvous 2012 is composed of a lot of bar stools Anneke Eussen bought in a secondhand shop in Kreuzberg (Berlin). It is a remnant of a meeting place that no longer exists. The work is part of her "sewn-in" work.

In 2007, Eussen created her first sculpture that she wrapped in velvet. This velvet skin sytmbolizes a moment of standstill. The objects used to create the sculpture lose their original destination and transform into a sculpture that sends a message on human behavior in a disarming and ironic way. By treating and reusing objects in a very careful way, the idea takes shape that an object that is 'discarded' in our society, can nevertheless remain something of value.

The total series of works to which Final Rendezvous belongs, consists of: Zentai Bike 2007, Double de Luxe 2009, Paradise Blues 2010, Night Rider 2010.