12' COLOR CHANGE (2018) by Injas Devoldere

About the artwork

12' COLOR CHANGE shows a fragment of three film loops and six colours that form a 'random' color composition. In this way, the video invites us to view things differently, to forget the obvious. The work involves questions about appearing and disappearing again, about the need to preserve and the inevitability of parting - about temporality and continuity. With this work he endorses the value of the moment, the generosity of the presence.

About the artist

image Injas Devoldere, lives and works in Ghent - www.plumage.be

Free graphics at the Higher Institute of Visual Arts Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium

With each image, Injas Devoldere enters into a dialogue with the factors that determine our environment: light - colour - space. The light, constantly in motion, changes the perception of colour in a context. He challenges these mutual relationships and reflects on the moments when the interaction reaches a specific intensity.