Nagel (2006) by Marnix Verstraeten

The nail symbolizes the anchoring of the Liedts family at the Zebrastraat site. It was nailed in an inspiring water pool that reflects the aura of this project.

This nail brings a kind of balance to this historic location. Around its axis, a labyrinth of creativity is cultivating. It rises above all nearby constructions, thus creating an exceptional perspective. This static object is transformed by its ingenious environment into a more dynamic appearance. The head of the nail is removable and offers, as well as the inspection door at its base, access to internet technologies.

image Marnix Verstraeten -
Education: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium

The designer Marnix Verstraeten was a renowned architect with a lot of successful projects at home and abroad, which include the project Zebrastraat in Ghent and the bucolic water tower in Marseillan, France. Moreover, the manager of the Restyling Buro Ghent is also an artist, and he designed, at the request of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation, a recognizable symbol for Zebrastraat which resulted in the art work 'nail'.
The Atelier for Urban Architecture was founded in 1996 and unites the groups Restyling, Atelier for Urban Architecture, SAR and Technix. Each department has its own specialization. The Atelier for Urban Architecture is mainly concerned with city contracts of a certain scale. Restyling specializes in refurbishment and renovation. The SAR cell concentrates on various architectural competitions in Belgium. In total, this business structure employs about 30 people, mostly architects. Of these, 12 professionals use the drawing program VectorWorks.

Zebrastraat - - Nagel by Marnix Verstraeten