About the artwork


The photo is a reminder and makes us think about the time passing. The original printed photo has been left outside for a while, so that the rain, the wind and the sun could leave their mark. Once the proper impression was obtained, the photographer fixed it as a pastel.

The displayed image is related to our fears and phobias. This work can make us aware of the passage of time and makes us think again about disappearance, blurring, forgetfulness. The elephant is part of a series in which the future of animal species is central.
The choice for the image of the elephant and the place is not accidental. New Zebra is located across the Dierentuinlaan, between Olifantstraat and Zebrastraat, avenue and streets with animal names reminding us of the Zoo in the near Muinkpark which attracted many visitors in the late 19th century, but has ingloriously disappeared since.