donderdag 01 november om 20:00u

Vernissage: Homa Arkani

Lounge gratis

After two year of living and studying in Belgium, I have reached to another way of expression in my paintings. In my point of view, listening to the poems is best for making an artwork. This is the sweet spot for coming the ideas. Music is the optimal level for creating, whereas extreme quiet sharpens our focus, making it hard for us to think differently. Most of the inspiration form the poems have come when I was listening to a poem or was a result of reading poems have been read before. I’m not aware about what is coming to my hands to paint. I just let my hands through the feelings to make the whole shape. When I create an artwork, there is a deep satisfaction in manifesting that creation. In becoming the creator through a clear intention and surrender to an experience of my own creation I am fulfilling my inherent nature. I am being who I am. I am being true to myself. Exercising my power as a creator being. That truth provides the profound calmness of being. The calmness arises whenever my energy is free to dissipate in the experience I desire to have."